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Samsung To Terminate The Production Of Galaxy Note Series Completely


According to reports from South Korea, Samsung will finalize the Galaxy Note series and focus on foldable smartphones.

Galaxy Note, Samsung's flagship series, houses the smartphones that users are most interested in.

The company usually introduces new models of the Galaxy S series after the beginning of the year and Galaxy Note models in the summer.

However, according to the new claims, Samsung will terminate the Galaxy Note series completely and continue with foldable phones and Galaxy S series.

According to claims from South Korea, Samsung will present the S Pen, which it uses on Galaxy Note phones next year, to users on Galaxy S models.

According to South Korean tech site  The Elec, the company will no longer release a Note series phone.

According to The Elec's claims, Samsung has now scrutinized the sales figures of the foldable Galaxy Z Fold series phones.

If the company is satisfied with the sales of the Galaxy Z Fold series phones, it will end the Galaxy Note series completely and focus on foldable phones.



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