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South Korea aims to launch 6G in 2026, the network will be fifty times faster than 5G


The Government of the Asian state will invest 143 million euros from 2021 to work on its development.

5G has not yet achieved democratization in much of the world; however, there are already those who are working to make it obsolete. South Korea, one of the great global technological powers, is doing its best to launch a pilot of the connection of the future, known as 6G, in 2026. Also, if the deadlines are met, it hopes to be able to start commercializing it between 2028 and 2030, this is stated by the newspaper "Business Korea", which also indicates that this network will be 50 times faster than 5G.

According to this media, the Prime Minister of the Asian state, Chung Se-kyun, and the rest of the government have designed a strategy that seeks to promote future mobile telecommunications. At a meeting held on August 6, they agreed to preventively develop next-generation technologies. To work on developing 6G, South Korea has scheduled an investment of 143 million euros (200 billion won, the country's official currency) starting next year.

The Asian medium points out that, once the pilot is developed - presumably in 2026 - the new network is expected to be applied in five key areas. Specifically, in digital health care, the development of immersive content -such as holograms for meetings-, the creation of autonomous cars, the development of smart cities and their application in factories.

Let's remember that South Korea is not the only country that is working on the development of 6G. At the end of last year, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China already announced the establishment of a task force focused on researching and developing sixth-generation networks.

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