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Suddenly 'overtaken' by Joe Biden, President Trump said the opponent was 'against God'


According to Reuters, such accusations by President Trump could make Christian voters support Mr. Trump stronger.

Being outstripped by Mr. Biden in polls in battlefield states, most recently four in Ohio State, President Trump is struggling to win back voters in these states.

After speaking to a small group of voters at Cleveland Airport on August 6, Mr. Trump gave a campaign speech at the Whirlpool factory in Clyde, Ohio.

"He followed an extreme left-wing agenda, taking possession of guns, abolishing Amendment No. 2, no religion, nothing, harming the Bible, harming God."

Trump said of Mr. Biden in Cleveland. 

"He's against God."

However, Mr. Trump did not elaborate on what he said.

According to Reuters, such accusations could make the Christian voters support Trump stronger.

In a statement the evening of the same day, Mr. Biden said Mr Trump's attacks were "shameful", and said faith had always been the foundation of his life.

“President Trump's statements tell him more about him than about others. They show a person who is willing to play the inferiority game for political gain, and a man who acts in opposition to the values ​​and commandments he says he follows.

Mr. Biden said.

Related developments, showing disagreement with the need to spend billions of dollars in budget to build a border wall between the US and Mexico, Democratic candidate Joe Biden recently announced he would immediately stop construction. This wall if elected the US President in November next.

The race between the candidates for the Republican Party and the Democratic Party of the United States is entering a fierce period when it is only about 3 months until the date of voting to choose the US President.

The fact that the United States has not yet controlled the Covid-19 epidemic has "cast a shadow" on the prospect of President Trump's re-election.

So far, the average voter support rate in top battle states for Democratic candidate Joe Biden is 49.3%, while current President Donald Trump has only 41, 3%. That is, Mr. Trump is 6.2 points behind Mr. Biden.

The main reason for the unfavorable results for Mr. Trump stems from how the Covid-19 pandemic crisis was handled. Surveys show that US voters currently rate President Trump as failing, or rather helpless, in the face of a dangerous situation facing the United States.


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