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The NBA is back: the best basketball games for Android


The popular American league returns between extraordinary measures for COVID-19, and you can enjoy it on your device with the following titles

It's here. In very special circumstances, the one forced by the COVID-19 crisis, but fortunately for sports fans, the NBA, the best basketball league on the planet, has returned. Here we present the best basketball games for Android in case you want to enjoy emulating Lebrón James, James Harden, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetoukompo and company.

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 is capable of transferring the most realistic experience of the best basketball league on the planet to your mobile device. With a refined and deep control system, which allows great possibilities, and multiple game modes, ranging from the Association mode, which puts you in charge of a team as a general manager, to manage the squad, direct the scouts, pick the new rookies in the draft, manage the budget…; My Career, where you must create your character and walk the path from college to the NBA; Take to the streets to participate in 3v3 street tournaments around the world; o NBA Stories, which allows you to recreate some of the feats of the most famous players and teams in the competition.

Price: 6.49 euros

NBA Live

Compete in the NBA throughout the year in campaigns to keep your team on top. New content, stories and events will appear every week. Get incredible bonuses in real life matches and break your ankles in all modes against friends and enemies.

Price: free


If you're old school, you'll feel nostalgic for the 1990s when you play NBA JAM, the most popular arcade basketball game ever. Enjoy frantic and fun 2 vs 2 matches in its three game modes: quick match, campaign -to win the championship and unlock legends, hidden players and tricks- and local multiplayer -to play face to face against a friend over WiFi local or Bluetooth.

Price: 5.49 euros

NBA Dunk

Collect, trade, play and dominate the league with NBA Dunk, licensed by Panini. The player will be able to use his collection of official cards (of current stars, rookies and historical legends of the league) and compete in real time with other users.

Price: free


Form a championship team and become the best player, GM or coach of all time by competing with players from anywhere in the world. Play on the go with simple controls, or if you're short on time, try simulation mode to play multiple games quickly.

Price: free


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