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The NDDC Finally Pays The Tuition Fees Of Students On Its Scholarship Scheme


The Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, has just confirmed the payment of $5,901,000 to 197 students who are on its scholarship scheme. 

During the investigative hearing which was done by the House of Representatives on the allegations of financial recklessness in the NDDC some students of the sent abroad by the commission to study had come out in their numbers to complain that they have been abandoned by the commission as they had failed to fulfil its promise of paying their tuition fees as well as the allowance they were promised.

These students had staged a protest that got to the attention of the President of the Federation who had ordered for the immediate payment of the students fees.

However, respite has come the way of the students as the tuition fees of some of the students have now been paid and others still being processed.

The Director of Corporate Affairs, NDDC, Charles Odili while in an interview with Vanguard, said that the sum of $5.901 M has been paid to 197 scholarship students.

He said that among these 197 students 12 were Ph.D. students from 2016 and 13 were Ph.D. students from 2019 which now totals 43 who got $30,000 each which amounts to $1,290,000.

He mentioned that 154 MSC students of 2019 were also paid $30,000 each, which amounts to $4,420,000, bringing the total amount paid to $5,910,000.

He gave the details of the remaining 94 beneficiaries of 2018 who are still awaiting their payments as 40 PHD and 54 MSC.

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