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The Robot That Performs Coronavirus Test 10 Minutes Faster Than A Human


Developed in Taiwan, the robot arm can perform the coronavirus test 10 minutes faster than human officers.

In the coronavirus process, it is very important not to contact people as much as possible. However, some healthcare professionals who have to take samples from sick people for testing may be at risk from time to time.

A robotic arm developed in Taiwan allows the coronavirus test to be performed 10 minutes faster than human workers. In addition, contact between healthcare professionals and patients is minimized thanks to the robot.

The developer company tested the robot on the company's employees in the first place, and the tests were successful.

The robot arm, which hosts facial recognition and 3D sensors, can measure the distance from the nostril to the ear canal.

It is stated that the robot arm, which takes a sample from the patient's nose with a cotton swab, performs this process in 10 seconds. The sample is then placed in a bottle and sent for testing.


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