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The US Discovered A Nearly 400 Meter Long Secret Tunnel On The Border With Mexico (Pictures)


The US discovered a secret tunnel equipped quite fully in the border area between the State of Arizona (USA) with Mexico and evaluated it as the most complicated tunnel in the history of this country.

The Bureau of Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) under the US Department of Immigration and Customs (ICE) said the tunnel was discovered on August 4 when people in Yuma County (Arizona) discovered a sinkhole near the US-Mexico border wall.

The tunnel stretches from a residential area in the city of San Luis Rio Colorado (Mexico) to the city of San Luis (Yuma county), officials said. The tip of the tunnel located on American territory was unfinished. According to initial reviews, the tunnel is nearly 400 meters long, nearly 1 meter wide and 1.2 meters high and located at a depth of more than 7 meters.

Mr. Angel Ortiz - HSI representative in Yuma County said, where the tunnel was discovered is a very porous area, so it is not suitable for the construction of underground works. Therefore, the discovery of this tunnel is a strange thing. However, the completed tunnel section has a handrail system and an adequate electrical, water and ventilation system. The ceiling and walls are also reinforced with wooden planks. According to the image of the AP news agency, the floor is also made of concrete.

Border patrol representative at Yuma said this "seems to be the most complicated tunnel in American history". The authorities are still investigating and have not come to a final conclusion about the tunnel.

Currently, there is no information about when the tunnel was constructed and abandoned. However, according to experience, tunnels of similar scale can take "several months" to complete and without the help of machines, construction may take longer.


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