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The US tightens exports to prevent important technology from falling into China's hands

New rules on tightening exports to prevent US technology from being sold to Chinese companies.

According to SCMP, the new rules, effective June 29, expand the requirement for US exporters who want to apply for licenses for goods for military purposes, including weapons development, military aircraft or reconnaissance operations.

The extension of the request was first announced on April 28 by the US Department of Commerce, which banned the export of military-serving goods to any entity connected to the Chinese military.

This is to prevent US technology from being sold to Chinese civilian companies but the end user and beneficiary is the Chinese military.

Washington also wants to better understand what has been sold to China and who is actually using them after years of loose management.

Although these regulations have been in place for more than 10 years and have also been applied to Russia and Venezuela, the new move demonstrates the commitment of the President Donald Trump administration to seek every aspect of a holistic approach of government to respond to China and curb Beijing's technology ambitions.

According to agency news Reuters, in the future the US may tighten to the extent required both companies of third countries must apply for a license if you want to transfer equipment and technology from the US to China.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse voiced support for the new rule and argued that ever since Xi Jinping took office, the line between civilian businesses and the Chinese military has become blurred.

The Trump administration has stepped up its confrontation with China, first on trade, then expanded on many other fronts, especially technology. US export policy has been tightened. In recent years, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Defense, and the State Department have issued a series of regulations on technology transfer to China.


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