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Trump: If Biden is elected, China will invade our country


US President Donald Trump said Russia, China and Iran do not want to see him become president again.

Discussing the agenda at a press conference in Bedminster in New Jersey state, US President Donald Trump said about the allegations that Russia, Iran and China are trying to intervene in the US elections: 

"I think I am the last person Russia wants to see in the Oval Office because no one is Russia. He hadn't been as harsh on him as I was." 

Trump pointed out that many steps have been taken against Russia and China since the day he took office: 

"China is also very happy to see an election that Trump lost against Sleepy Joe Biden. If Biden was elected president, China would have our country." 

Stressing that Iran does not want to see him as president, Trump said: 

"If I am elected president again, I will make quick agreements with Iran and North Korea." 

Trump underlined that they will be closely interested in the allegations that these 3 countries are trying to intervene in the elections.


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