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US to build refinery in Syria with YPG

It has been confirmed that the US Company, which has agreed with the PKK extension YPG in the north of Syria, has signed an agreement to establish an oil refinery in the east of the Euphrates.

Seizing the opportunity in the civil war in Syria PKK extension of YPG terrorist organization, Turkey's south had begun to build a terror corridors.

US arms aid Syria's terrorists began to deploy north of the Euphrates by Turkey's cross-border operation organized by the region were forced to retreat to the east.

Terrorists supported by the USA openly contract with American oil company Delta Crescent Energy LLC to process oil fields in the east of Euphrates .

It was stated that Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the prominent figures of the Republican Party in the USA and known for her affinity to President Donald Trump, had met with terrorist Mazlum Kobani.

Christina Ruffini, a reporter for US broadcasting agency CBS News, stated in her report on the issue that Graham confirmed the agreement.

The report also stated that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also told Graham at the Senate Foreign Relations Commission session that Graham did not mind the agreement.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the agreement by making a statement on the issue.

An official from the Syrian Foreign Office, who made a statement to the Syrian official news agency SANA, "Syria has resolutely condemned the agreement signed between DSG and a US oil company to steal Syrian oil under the support of the United States and he thinks he has no legal provision . "

He stressed that the agreement, which he said was 'signed between stealing thieves and selling thieves', poses a threat to Syria's sovereignty and shows that the USA's hostile tendencies to steal the wealth of the Syrian people will continue.

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