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Warning Tag From Twitter To Government Accounts


Twitter will put warning labels on Twitter accounts controlled by governments to distinguish them from other accounts.

Social media giant Twitter, which has recently been exposed to the biggest cyber-attack of its history, started to tag government accounts with the new feature it added to the platform.

According to Twitter's statement, a warning will be included in the government accounts of China, France, Russia, Britain and the United States of America (USA), which are five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

Accounts used by government bodies in these countries will be labeled with the flag symbol. Accounts of government-controlled media will also be highlighted with a table and microphone symbol.

Twitter announced that government-funded broadcasters, whose content is determined by the influence of governments, will not be included in Twitter-recommended accounts or content.

In the statement made by Twitter: 

"Unlike independent media organizations, states see their media organs as a propaganda tool and use them in a way to serve their political goals. Users have the right to know whether the accounts they encounter are under the control of the state." 

Twitter first implemented the application on the account of the Russian media organization RT. The company has added a "Russian state-linked media" label to RT's profile.

RT, a state-sponsored Russian organization that previously broadcast under the name Russia Today, is said to serve as the Russian government's propaganda tool.

The said warning was also placed in the accounts of the Russian state-backed Sputnik, which broadcasts in different languages.


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