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WHO and health experts are concerned about the Russian COVID-19 vaccine


The COVID-19 vaccine from Russia is currently concerned by WHO and many health experts around the world about its safety and effectiveness.

Regarding the Russian President Vladimir Putin has just announced that this country has approved the COVID-19 preventive vaccine with nearly 2 months of human testing with the name "Sputnik V", and the Russian Ministry of Health also confirmed that it will shipping the first batches in the next two weeks, World Health Organization (WHO) spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said the agency is currently looking at the possibility of pre-pre-test certification, according to DailyMail.

"A pre-evaluation of any vaccine requires a rigorous review and evaluation of all the vaccine safety and efficacy data."

Said Tarik Jasarevic.

WHO also expressed safety concerns, as this is also something that many international experts are concerned about, especially when there is very little information about the new Russian vaccine. The WHO, which urged Russia to comply with the safe vaccine development phases last week, also said it had not been informed from Moscow of any vaccines on the market.

"To be able to trust this kind of vaccine, I think it is very important to do comprehensive research, have relevant trials and have to show it to the public. Russia was not transparent when it was not fair to publish any clear scientific information about their vaccines."

German Health Minister Jens Spahn told Reuter.

And US Health Minister Alex Azar confirmed on AFP that, from a period with three clinical trials of the vaccine, Russia needs to publicize transparent data to show that a vaccine is safe and effective.

According to Reuter, an expert at the Institute of Genetics, University College London of the UK - Francois Balloux Russia is quite reckless when announcing and confirming the new COVID-19 vaccine, at the same time saying that this is is not humane when it comes to the mass vaccination of a vaccine that has not been fully tested.

"It will be catastrophic, because it not only negatively impacts public health, but also causes people to lose confidence in vaccines."

Mr. Balloux stressed.

Professor Danny Altmann (Department of Immunology at Imperial College London) also said that problems will actually become worse when using a vaccine "too fast", not safe and effective enough.

Earlier on August 12, 2020, Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko confirmed that the first batch of COVID-19 preventive vaccines will be shipped within two weeks.

"The Russian Direct Investment Fund is directly involved in the work of exporting technology and drugs, production in other locations can be done, the foundation on which vaccines are created in Russia have been well researched. Because it has been used in the past to synthesize and manufacture other drugs."

Mikhail Murashko confirmed before the negative reviews about the vaccine published by the country.

Currently, a total of 165 COVID-19 vaccines are in development globally, according to WHO data updated as of July 31, 2020. Among them, 139 are in pre-clinical trials and 26 are being tested in humans.

In response to the press on August 12, 2020, Dr. Do Tuan Dat (President of Vaccine and Biological Products One Member Limited Company (VABIOTECH) - Ministry of Health) said that COVID- vaccine cannot be confirmed. 19 is Russia safe or not, because up to this point there is no data any specific by this country.

"WHO and some countries are also asking the Russian side to publish data and research related to this vaccine, but they have not yet deployed it, so Russia is considered to have announced and circulated the COVID-19 vaccine itself, but the research results are not scientifically published.”

According to Mr. Dat, currently the UK and the US have published more information about the COVID-19 vaccine research project, so Vietnam can refer to these countries' data.


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