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Why You Won't Be Able To Play Video Games On Xcloud Or Google Stadia, If You Are Using An iPhone


The technology company states that these services do not comply with its regulations, which requires reviewing all video games one by one to protect the consumer

Apple has confirmed that it will not allow the launch of video game streaming services, such as the current Google Stadia or Microsoft xCloud , in the App Store, its official "software" platform for iPhones and iPad tablets , because they do not comply its regulations, which require reviewing all video games one by one.

"Before they appear in our online store, all applications are reviewed with the same principles to protect consumers to ensure equal and fair conditions for developers."

A spokesman for the US company has assured Business Insider.

This week, Microsoft announced the launch of its Project xCloud video game streaming platform as part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which allows you to play Xbox and PC titles in the cloud without the need for a console and that from 15 September It can be used on Android devices, but not on iOS or iPadOS, iPhone and iPad systems, respectively.

The same happened with Stadia, Google's video game streaming platform that has been available in Spain since November last year. Its mobile app is currently only available for Android, but not for Apple systems.

Both Stadia and xCloud and other streaming apps like Nvidia GeForce Now provide a joint catalog of video games that can be played in streaming. New launches and purchases do not take place separately, but within the same platform.

This aspect conflicts with the policies of Apple and the App Store, which establishes "guidelines applicable to all developers, including submitting games individually for review and appearing in graphics and searches", as claimed by the company.


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