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Android Software That Can Steal Your Password From 226 Different Applications Has Been Detected


A security firm called ThreatFabric has uncovered malicious Android software that can steal passwords from 226 apps, including Instagram and Twitter.

We are no longer surprised to see news of apps containing malware available on the Google Play Store. Although Google removes these applications from the store every time, the deleted applications are replaced by other harmful applications.

Researchers at a security company called ThreatFabric detected malicious Android software called "Alien". The software in question is able to steal passwords from 226 Android apps, including Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

It has not been found how the new software, which is defined as a more advanced version of another malware named Cerberus, infects phones.

For this reason, when downloading any application, you should definitely read the comments and not download applications from unknown sources.

Malicious apps have always been an issue for the Google Play Store. By announcing the new artificial intelligence system in early 2019, Google announced that it is constantly improving its fight against harmful applications.

On the other hand, Google's security service Google Play Protect scans 50 billion applications daily from users' phones to find out if the installed applications are safe.

The company also removed nearly 700,000 apps from the Google Play Store in 2017 and blocked nearly 100,000 app developers.


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