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Bill Gates's Father Dies At The Age Of 94


Bill Gates's Father Died At The Age Of 94

Bill Gates Sr., is a lawyer and father of the Microsoft co-founder, who had a great influence on the decision to set up the world's largest charity, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, passed away Monday, September 14 at home in Hood Canal, Seattle, age 94.

The cause of his death was Alzheimer's disease, according to the family obituary on 15/9.

In 1994, Gates was 69 years old and planned to retire from his prestigious law practice in a few years when he went to the movies one autumn night with his son Bill and daughter-in-law. Standing at the ticket booth, Bill told his father that there were a lot of people calling for him to charity, but he was too busy running Microsoft.

At that time, Bill Gate's father said he could help his son to help with charity work. And the world's largest charity was born from there.

Over the next 13 years, Bill Gates and children continued to focus on working at Microsoft, and his father managed the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation day in and day out, speaking with executives and philanthropists. , sending his son a list of proposed grants, writing checks and shaping the charity's primary goal: improving health and education, and reducing poverty in the US and the third world.

“I consider Bill Gates Sr. is the Gates family conscience.”

said Pablo Eisenberg, a columnist for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. 

"He's instrumental in not only starting the platform but developing it, and his motive is that with all that money, you have to do good."

Bill Gates Sr. supported campaigns to eliminate polio, reduce infant mortality, build schools and help find vaccines to prevent AIDS 


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