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Facebook Allegedly Spying On Instagram Users Via Camera


Facebook Allegedly Spying On Instagram Users Via Camera

Social media giant Facebook, which has been mentioned with many privacy scandals in recent years and had to pay million dollar fines in cases filed, is on the agenda this time with privacy problems on Instagram.

Instagram user Brittany Conditi, who lives in San Francisco, USA, took her to the court, claiming that she was being watched on Instagram.

Conditi, who filed a complaint with the federal court in San Francisco, said the phone was being monitored through the camera.

Claiming that Facebook's purpose is to collect data about users, the user claims that data is collected from the phone's camera.

According to the complaint submitted to the court, Facebook and Imstagram use the user data they obtain for both market research and advertising purposes. Facebook, on the other hand, has not yet made a statement about the allegations.

In another lawsuit filed in the past months, Facebook was accused of stealing biometric data from more than 100 million Instagram users using facial recognition technology.




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