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Former US President's Private Lawyer Revealed Mr. Trump's Obsession Is Called "Obama"


Former US President's Private Lawyer Revealed Mr. Trump's Obsession Is Called "Obama"

In an upcoming memoir, former US President Donald Trump's private lawyer revealed his former boss's hatred of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

According to the South China Morning Post, on September 7, Mr. Michael Cohen, former private attorney of US President Donald Trump revealed his former boss's hatred for his predecessor Barack Obama in a memoir.

Specifically, in his memoir "Disloyalty: A Memoir" published by CNN and The Washington Post, Cohen described Mr. Trump as obsessed with images. Mr. Obama.

According to CNN, Trump hired someone who looked like Mr. Obama to shoot a video to attack the former president.

However, Mr. Cohen did not name the man who was hired to play the role of Obama, nor did he say the date of the incident but only provided a photo from the video.

The photo shows Mr. Trump sitting across from a man who looks like Mr. Obama. At the same time, Mr. Trump sat on the table with two books, one with the word "Barack Obama" on the cover.

Immediately after this information was released, social media users in the US quickly found and spread the video that Mr. Cohen mentioned. And according to one report, the video was a parody of Mr. Trump from a hit reality show called The Apprentice back in 2013.

Specifically, in the video, Mr. Trump sits across from a black man with the same style as Mr. Obama and shows disdain for this person.

In addition, Mr. Trump also stimulated the person who looks like Mr. Obama and said the person was "inexperienced in business" and disparaged his golf ability.

The video ends with Mr. Trump saying a familiar phrase on The Apprentice show "you are fired" to the man and chasing the man from his office.

In his memoir, Mr. Cohen also referred to his former boss as "a fraudster, a liar, a bully, and a racist."

On the contrary, the White House responded to Mr. Cohen, who was jailed last year for lying to Congress and for financial-related crimes in the election.

"He has lost all credibility and it is not surprising to see him attempt to profit from his lies." according to the White House statement.


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