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The Best iPad Apps For Back To School


The Best iPad Apps For Back To School

The Apple tablet has a multitude of very useful tools for students.

There is no tablet like the iPad when it comes to the ecosystem of applications. And if on top of it it is the field of productivity, the distances are even greater. That is why more and more students are already using it as a work tool. Below we recommend what we consider to be the best iPad applications for back to class.


GoodNotes turns your iPad into a smart digital paper sheet and a powerful document management system. Take notes on blank documents or import PDFs and images to annotate files and more. GoodNotes allows you to organize your documents in folders and create as many subfolders as you need; mark your most important documents, pages and folders as Favorites to always have them at hand; create custom outlines to easily move through your documents; and instantly export documents or pages as PDF with convenient drag and drop.


Notability integrates advanced handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording and organizing features so you can take notes on the go. Discover the freedom to capture ideas, share knowledge, and present information in one perfect place on iPad.


GoConqr has gone from being a mobile application to a web service (that is, we access it from our browser), but it maintains its full potential. We are facing a global digital learning platform to help educators and students reach their full potential, thanks to the fact that it combines the benefits of powerful learning tools together with the support of an active community of students and teachers that creates and share thousands of resources.

Wolfram Alpha

WolframAlpha is an answer search engine that answers questions directly, by processing the answer extracted from a structured database, instead of providing a list of documents or web pages that could contain the answer, as Google does. Organized by topic, the service can be of great help for any specific query that may arise.


Trello is a project management tool   that makes collaboration easy. It allows you to create boards to organize whatever you are working on; using alone or inviting colleagues, friends and family to collaborate; customize workflows for different projects; add to-do checklists on cards; assign tasks individually; make comments; and attach files.


MindNode simplifies the creation of mind maps, that is, a visual representation of your ideas, which start from a central concept and grow from it. This allows you to analyze and organize the information in an intuitive way to focus on the main concept.

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