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The US announced it would not pay the WHO $ 60 million debt


The US President Donald Trump administration has just said that they will not pay a debt worth more than 60 million USD to the World Health Organization (WHO) but use this money to contribute to the United Nations.

The decision to withhold the more than $ 60 million owed fee was part of President Donald Trump's decisions to withdraw from WHO.

The announcement comes just a day after the White House announced that the US would not participate in the WHO-led project to develop and distribute Covid-19 vaccine.

It is still unclear how the US will handle the debt to WHO. However, according to US law, all debts must be paid before the country can withdraw from international organizations.

President Donald Trump instructed Washington administration official to cut funding and limit cooperation with WHO until the US withdrew from the organization completely in July 2121. As of the time of the announcement, Washington has transferred more than $ 50 million to WHO out of a total of $ 120 million in obligations to contribute in 2020.

The United States has strongly criticized WHO for handling the Covid-19 pandemic and accused it of giving priority to China.

Although in the process of withdrawing, US officials said, the country will continue to attend some meetings as well as selectively contribute to some of the organization's programs such as the project to eradicate polio in Afghanistan, Pakistan and humanitarian aid in Libya, Syria; as well as fighting the flu.


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