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The Way You Are Defined By The Shades You Wear



The Way You Are Defined By The Shades You Wear

In psychology, color is associated with people's emotions and is the way to influence the physical and mental state, that is why the color that we wear or paint in our home say a lot about us.

In psychology, each color has a meaning, that is why those colors that attract our attention or the pigments that we wear or paint in our home say a lot about us.

The psychology of color is a field that studies what colors produce in the emotions and behaviors of the person, and each color will have a meaning, an expert in psychology, explains that it is very interesting to decipher it because it is something widely used in marketing, for example.

When it comes to color, especially in marketing, 93% of people will buy a product by looking at it. There is even talk that the subconscious already knows in a few seconds if it is going to buy it depending on whether it likes the color or not. In the same way, the clothes we wear most of the time defines how we feel at that moment.

In psychology, color is associated with people's emotions and is the way to influence their physical and mental state. For example, red has been shown to increase the heart rate and in turn trigger adrenaline. 

Warm colors, such as orange, red or yellow, what they do in some people is arouse emotions such as warmth or anger, while cold colors , such as green or blue, tend to give a feeling of calm but also of sadness and coldness », Indicates the psychologist of El Prado Psychologists . Many people dress to convey these concepts on themselves or in their homes.

What The Colors Mean

Blue: It reminds us of the sea and the sky and transmits stability, confidence and security. Although this color means all that, it can also convey coldness or remoteness, so if one day you feel like this, it is very normal that you turn to blue.

Red: It is one of my favorites because it represents heat, flame or strength, and it is associated with people with a lot of stimulation and courage. It is a very powerful color that conveys claw, love and security, although it is also associated with danger, tension or blood. Those who wear red transmit security and strength, and great brands use it.

Green: It is associated with "ecofriendly" people. If you wear it you will transmit harmony and peace, and you want to imply that you live life with great hope. It is also linked to people who are friendly to animals. It is a color that does not usually relax or reassure, although it is very interesting.

Yellow: It symbolizes happiness, and is usually worn by happy, optimistic and vital people. It has very positive connotations, although it also means that these people can cheat or lie or that you have to be careful with them. There are very superstitious people who do not wear yellow because they sense that it brings bad luck.

Orange: It is the combination of red and yellow, so it will have connotations of both. It is usually used by very warm people with a challenging point, who are challenged. They are people who need a lot of stimulation. In addition, it is also related to people with a tendency to add, who can wear orange because it is a very stimulating color. It is used as a substitute for red because it does not saturate as much.

Black: Those who wear black usually represent elegance and sophistication, but when done with style. It is a color that if it is always worn can give the impression of being someone sad, depressed, cold and lonely. Sometimes it can generate distrust in those who always wear it and have a very authoritarian power.

White: Those who wear it tend to be pure, clear people and represent innocence, simplicity or cleanliness, although they also have their negative connotation. Apparently, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder could often wear white because it is a color that stains very easily and you always have to resort to another garment. This color also defines people who are easily overwhelmed and who need space.

Violet: Wise people usually turn to it because it is a very risky color with power and luxury. It is also associated with feminine concepts, just like pink.

Pink: is a color that transmits calm, but psychologically it is also very powerful for the female sex. It is associated with childish or immature people, and big brands like Barbie know which public to impress with this color.

It should be noted, according to the professional, that the same color can have many different meanings, depending on values ​​such as education or culture, because while in the East white means death, in the West black is the color of mourning.

Not only does color define us, but many other factors would have to be added. It is necessary to analyze, apart from the clothes, how that person is dressed.

Dressing in muted colors is simple and easy because you don't have to think much about combinations. You wear those colors and you are going to get it right for sure, so it can be deduced that those who resort to gray, brown or black are very practical people. However, these colors could be telling us the mood at that time.

We can say that people who dress in dark and muted colors would be going through a bad time at that time. If this continues over the years, it would be talking about how they could perceive the world in a much more negative way because with black, happiness is not allowed to enter life.

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