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How To Develop Your Brain And Improve Your Brain Power


You may be asking yourself this question that a friend of mine James Kingsley asks himself at times; why is my brain always disappointing me? Or why can’t I think as fast that guy does. 

Well it’s not a spiritual problem nor is it a maternal or paternal one; it’s actually very simple; you are not giving your brain exactly what it requires of you. So let’s take a quick and brief look at ways we can personally help, boost or should I say develop our brain so as to help ourselves and stop asking ourselves such frivolous questions again.

First lets expose what the human brain is all about and what it does or capable of doing. The brain is the controlling center of the nervous system in vertebrates; connected to the spinal cord and enclosed in the cranium. It consists of a mass of nerve tissue and nerve-supporting and nourishing tissue called neuroglia, which comprises several layers of cells and makes up about 40 percent of the total volume of nerve tissue.

The human brain is the center of thought and emotions, and regulates bodily activities.

If you want to develop your brain, that is improve the rate at which your brain works, responds, thinks, scan, cram and store information as well as other brainy functions, this is a list of some things you must do.

Sleep for at least eight (8) good hours a day: This is the very first on the list as it is the most important of all; the brain also needs a very good long rest. This increases its efficiency.

Eat a whole lot of fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables needless to say contain a whole lot of minerals and vitamins, which might just be what your brain is lacking at the moment.

Drink a lot of water; at least five (5) cups a day: Yes! Please do drink a lot of water daily; it not only helps your brain, but also your kidney.

 Drink a lot less of Alcohol: Alcohol when taken in excess is generally bad for the health. We all know that.

Make out time for meditation: Have you ever wondered why the Chinese, monks in particular sit down, close their eyes and think, recollect and connect their self to nature. Well it is very good for your brain, try it out sometimes.

Take in less added sugar: What I am trying to saying here is; eat more of natural foods and a lot less of junk foods.

Laugh often: Just as they say, “laughter is the best medicine” it also helps to stimulate various areas of the brain.

Other ways include:

1. Learn to practice mindfulness; That is: always try to be actively attentive.

2. Add some cocoa to your diet.

3. Try as much as possible to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Play Tetris, Chess as well as other brain games.

5. Drink coffee often.

6. Avoid too much stress, as it limits brain power.

7. Try as much as possible to make sure you carry out physical exercise.

8. Take a break.

Though balance is almost impossible to achieve, but more than anything else, improving your brain power is of paramount importance. Try to carry out most if not all ways you can improve your brainpower found in this article.

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