US elections: Arizona continues to count votes, Mr. Trump is closing the gap


Although Fox News and AP calculated Arizona for Biden, the results have not been recognized, so votes continue to count.

Maricopa County (Phoenix) just released its final numbers for the night, and Trump has narrowed Biden's advantage in Arizona slightly - to 68,390 votes, or 3 percentage points less.

Biden's margin in Maricopa County (Phoenix) dropped 10,783 votes, led by 74,514 votes in the county, with about 5% of the total number of votes still not counted there.

In the latest results, Mr. Trump has achieved the percentage he needs to stay on track to win in Arizona. The next Maricopa publication is not expected to be available until Thursday evening, November 5.

More than 150 pro-Trump protesters, some armed, gathered outside the Maricopa County elections office and shouted "Count the votes," while officials continued to do so.


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