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US Strategic Revelations In Africa


During the Senate confirmation hearing against Ms. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who was nominated by President Joe Biden as US ambassador to the United Nations, provided clues about Africa's policy. Washington and how the new administration will try to counter Chinese influence on the continent.

During the hearing, Ms. Thomas-Greenfield was faced with questions from members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who wanted an explanation of how she would react to China's growing power. at the United Nations Security Council and in Africa, where billions of dollars have been advanced to build highways, hydroelectric plants and railways across Africa.

The veteran US diplomat said that although China is working to counter American influence in Africa, "it doesn't always work for both Africa and China" and she wants America to take it all, take advantage of that and "be more proactive in our commitments to the continent".

"It didn't work for Africans and it didn't work the way the Chinese expected," said Thomas-Greenfield, a diplomat with 35 years of experience.


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